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Welcome to the home page for all my writings. This is the place to discover my Cultural Writer blog, where you'll find my latest thoughts and reflections on all things Lisztian, Proustian and Nerd, including boardgames and videogames. You can also gain access to a series of selected writings exclusive to this website alongside the full text of my 'Introduction' to the landscape artist Alison Tyldesley's art book Glancing Light. Lastly, you can browse a full list of my publications, ranging from my academic books and essays to content written for websites and poetry.

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Cultural Writer Blog on Tablet

Cultural Writer Blog

My blog is the place to read my latest thoughts and reflections on all things Lisztian, Proustian and Nerd.

Unicycle in Hallway

Selected writings

Read exclusive articles on topics ranging from boardgaming and unicycling to the piano.

James Holden Complete Publications

Complete Publications

Browse a list of my complete publications, from academic books to website content and poetry.

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Replaying the Collection

Replaying the Collection

It's seven years since I became an analogue game geek. Now I'm replaying all the tabletop games in my collection in the order I got them. I am re-evaluating them and writing my honest reflections on each of them in turn. Click on the button below to follow me as a I replay my collection.

Board of Philosophy: Pandemic, Heidegger

Board of Philosophy

Board games require thought. In my series of articles 'Board of Philosophy' I explore how modern boardgames provide a space for philosophical thought. Avoiding analysis paralysis, I provide unique readings of tabletop games that draw upon the western philosophical tradition.