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Hi! Welcome to the Cultural Writer website.

Hi! I'm James Holden - welcome to my website. I'm an independent writer and academic with a passion for all forms of cultural engagement, from literature to language learning. I'm the creator, writer and host of the book podcast Proustian Paths, the show that offers you routes through Proust's In Search of Lost Time.

Click on the cards below to discover my work on self-directed language learning, and as a Proustian, Lisztian, and as a Nerd. You'll find writings on everything from classical music to board games and videogames, and from the piano to Proust.

Language Learning

Are you interested in learning a language but don't know where to start? Curious about how engaging with another language can enrich your daily life?

I've commited over four years of self-directed study to learning French. Starting as a near beginner, I have now passed the official DELF B2 exam. Click on the link below to discover how I did this.

Get help with your own language learning journey now...

Proustian: Madeleine Cakes


For a long time, I read the works of the French author Marcel Proust.

Now I write and host the literary podcast, Proustian Paths.

Lisztian: Piano Keys


Liszt claimed to play the piano 'tolerably well'. I can't claim that.

I've spent seven years writing a book on Liszt. How's that for tempo rubato?

Nerd: Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controller


On my turn I move meeples, mash buttons, manage inventory and roll dice.

I play boardgames, videogames and DnD. I speak nerd and think geek.

Proustian Paths podcast

You can use this player to listen to my book podcast, Proustian Paths now.

For more information on the podcast, including how to find the show on your preferred podcast provider and how to support the show by donating through Ko-fi, please visit the podcast channel's home page by clicking here.

Come join in the literary conversation. 

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Independent wrtiter and academic. Lisztian, Proustian, Nerd.

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