Welcome to the Cultural Writer Board Game home page! Here, you'll find all the information about my cultural engagement with modern tabletop gaming, beginning with my new series of articles, ‘Replaying the Collection’ and ‘Board of Philosophy’. These will provide you with a path through gaming if you're new to the hobby, and a new way of looking at things if you're already an experienced meeple. You’ll also find a photo gallery of my recently played games and information on how to follow my boardgaming through social media.

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Carcassonne Game

Replaying the Collection

It's 4 years since I became an analogue game geek. Now I'm replaying all the tabletop games in my collection in the order I got them. I am re-evaluating them and writing my honest reflections on each of them in turn. Click on the button below to follow me as a I replay my collection.

Board of Philosophy Heidegger Pandemic

BOard Of Philosophy

Board games require thought. In my series of articles 'Board of Philosophy' I explore how modern boardgames provide a space for philosophical thought. Avoiding analysis paralysis, I provide unique readings of tabletop games that draw upon the western philosophical tradition.

Feature Article: Sheffield: a Meeple City

Tabletop gaming is a social activity, as the example of Sheffield shows. The Yokshire city is now not just the Steel City but also a Meeple City. Gaming opportunities and the number of possible venues for play have multiplied in the last few years, making it a great board game city.

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Sheffield Board Game City

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