Replaying the Collection

Replaying the Collection

Replaying the Collection

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It's now over four years since I bought my first designer board game - Carcassonne. More games quickly followed as I put together a capsule collection of essential modern tabletop games, ranging from co-ops to classic Euros. There's a few quirky personal choices thrown in for good measure too. I'm now a true analogue game geek!

Now I'm replaying every game in my collection, in the order I bought them. I'll be seeing whether the game still stands up, thinking about its place in my collection and reminiscing about the time I bought it. So, if you're looking to build your own boardgame collection, are trying to decide which game to buy next, or simply want to engage in some tabletop nostalgia, my 'Replaying the Collection' series of articles is a must read. 

You can find my 'Instruction Booklet' for the series here, and browse the collection below. New game replays will be added regularly.

The collection

Carcassonne Board Game


Forbidden Desert Game

2.Forbidden Desert

Pandemic Board Game


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