Board of Philosophy

Board of philosophy

Board games require thought. Whether it's a heavy-weight Euro, a heavily thematic dice chucking adventure or a legacy co-op, players are asked to think about the game world and to make complex decisions.

In my series of articles 'Board of Philosophy' I explore how modern boardgames provide a space for philosophical thought. Avoiding analysis paralysis, I provide unique readings of tabletop games that draw upon the western philosophical tradition. I reveal new sides to both the games and the philosophy.

So, if you're wondering whether reading Plato will help you play games, click on the articles below and start thinking about the tabletop experience in new ways.

The articles

Plato and Caverna

1. Cave vs Cave vs Cave Allegory

Can reading Plato's cave allegory help you play Caverna: Cave vs Cave? I separate the light from the shadows...

Carcassonne and Heidegger

Playing | Tile Laying| Rethinking

Rethinking the world building of Carcassonne using Heidegger's 'Building Dwelling Thinking'.

Heidegger and Caverna

Coming soon...

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