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  1. Narrative Threads: On Following Multiple Stories at Once

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    Batgirl and the Birds of PreyThere are currently two books on my beside table: Patrick Rothfuss’ fantasy novel The Name of the Wind and the DC Comics omnibus Batgirl and the Birds of Prey: Vol 1. Who is Oracle? Looking now, I can see the bookmarks in each marking the place where, too tired to continue, I last stopped reading. In my study bookmarks poke out the top of other books too – novels, works of philosophy, collections of letters and essays. I’m part way through each of these. Some I’ll return to, some not.

    I’ve been thinking about this over the last few days. I’ve realised that I’m following a large number of stories at once. I’m currently reading, playing through, watching or am otherwise invested in many narratives over multiple formats and through various channels, from novels and comics to podcasts, actual play live DnD streams, network TV series, narrative-heavy JRPGs and other videogames. I'm holding together in my memory the narrative threads of all these different stories at the same time.

  2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – My 160 Hours Progress Report!

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    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is quite simply my favourite video game of all time. It's a game that has deeply affected me and has even made me cry.

    Zelda on Nintendo Switch

    It's also the game that I've played for the longest period of time. My Nintendo Switch currently says that I've played it for ‘160 hours or more’. So how far does this amount of time get you in this huge game?

  3. The top 10 videogames that have shaped me as a gamer – Part 2

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    In part 1 of my countdown of the 10 videogames that have shaped me as a gamer I focussed on titles from earlier platforms, including the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and the NES. In part 2 I turn to those games I’ve encountered more recently, beginning with those that appeared on the N64 through to those I now play on my Nintendo Switch.

  4. The top 10 videogames that have shaped me as a gamer – Part 1

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    I’ve recently been thinking about all the different videogames that I’ve played over the years. I’ve been thinking especially about the games that have shaped me as a gamer and nerd.

    The result of all this thinking was a list of 10 games that have been important to me, which I posted to Twitter. It struck me that the list formed something like my gaming autobiography. I thought it would be fun to go into a little more detail about each of my picks here.

    What follows, then, is part 1 of my top 10 videogames that have shaped me as a gamer.