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The podcast that offers you different routes through Marcel Proust's work.

About the Podcast...

Welcome to Proustian Paths - the book podcast that gives you different routes through Marcel Proust’s masterpiece, In Search of Lost Time.

In the main numbered episodes, join host Dr. James Holden for a guided walkthrough of this classic work of French literature. Then, in the ‘Shortcuts’ episodes, get ahead in your understanding with quick spoiler-filled discussions of key characters and concepts that range across the entire text.

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Reading Along with Proustian Paths

Below is a list of the sections covered in each of the main, numbered episodes of Proustian Paths. You can use this to help you read along with the podcast or simply to navigate your way to your favourite section.

Episode 7: The Way by Swann's, pp. 229-253.

Episode 6: The Way by Swann's, pp. 218-229.

Episode 5: The Way by Swann's, pp. 191-218.

Episode 4: The Way by Swann's, pp. 134-187.

Episode 3: The Way by Swann's, pp. 51-134.

Episode 2: The Way by Swann's, pp. 46-50.

Episode 1: The Way By Swann's, pp. 7-46.

NB: All page numbers refer to the 6 volume English translation published in 2002 under the general editorship of Christopher Prendergast.

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"This thoughtfully crafted podcast is a brilliant invitation into the world of Proust and the insights his work offers."

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"I'm really enjoying the series ... Your episodes have helped me consolidate the understanding of the oeuvre."

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"I'm finding @proustianpaths podcast the perfect guide for a leisurely rereading of In Search of Lost Time."

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