Selected Writings

Sheffield: A Meeple City

Sheffield: A Meeple CIty

There’s a special edition of the boardgame Monopoly set in the city of Sheffield. Instead of buying places like Park Lane and Mayfair, players are able to purchase Fargate and important buildings and landmarks like The Crucible Theatre and City Hall. You can even buy Meadowhall Shopping Centre should you want to, and the Supertrams to get you there!

However, Sheffield is more than just a city in a boardgame. It is also a great boardgaming city!

Want to get involved? Read on to discover some of the great places for tabletop gaming in Sheffield.


'Introduction' to Glancing LIght

The silhouetted forms of three crows circle against a sky whose spring-like blue is only slightly veiled by high clouds. The black smudges of the birds’ wings are the counterparts of the shadowed shapes of the three trees below, from which they may have just risen. It’s a pleasant day, although the lifting of the crows suggests something more ominous.

This moment is just one of those captured in the work of Sheffield-based landscape artist Alison Tyldesley. Her works have been exhibited around the UK and, more recently, internationally.


Image: 'Circling Crows Golden Field' © Alison Tyldesley. Used with permission.

On the Difficulty of Being Idle

It is extremely difficult to remain idle.

In order to master the art of idling, great skill, patience, and dedication are required. Time and time again, the natural tendency to movement reasserts itself. The body, in spite of itself, will be propelled forward into action once more. Or, more disconcertingly, it will be thrown backwards, so that all balance is lost. Just at that moment when one wants to be rooted to the spot, to not move, to go nowhere, one is uprooted, turfed out, moved on, or sent on one’s way.


The Piano: A Musical Treasure Chest

The wooden cases of pianos resemble nothing so much as old treasure chests. Only, instead of being buried under the sand of a beach on a distant, desert island, or being hidden away in some pirate’s cove, they have been left in full view in the parlour. There they remain, motionless amongst crashing waves of soft furnishings, the unending heat from the tropical sun replaced by the dry consistency of gas-fired central heating.