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New Feature ARticle - 'Sheffield: A Meeple City'

Tabletop gaming is a social activity, as the example of Sheffield shows.

The Yokshire city is now not just the Steel City but also a Meeple City, as gaming opportunities and the number of possible venues for play have multiplied in the last few years.

Want to get involved? Click on the button below to read my feature on some of the great places for tabletop gaming in Sheffield.

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Liszt claimed to play the piano 'tolerably well'. I can't claim that.

I've spent seven years writing about Liszt. How's that for tempo rubato?

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For a long time, I read the works of Marcel Proust.

I wrote a book on Proust. Like all such books, it's really a book about myself.



On my turn I move meeples, manage inventory and roll dice.

I play boardgames, videogames and DnD. I speak nerd and think geek.

New Cultural writing: 'Sheffield: A meeple city'

Independent wrtiter and academic. Lisztian, Proustian, Nerd.

Dr James Holden: Cultural Writer