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New Blog Post - 'The top 10 videogames that have shaped me as a gamer – Part 2'

Memories of multiplayer Goldeneye and the moment that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild made me cry in Part 2 of my countdown of the top 10 videogames that have shaped me as a gamer.

In this part I turn to those games I’ve encountered more recently, beginning with those that appeared on the N64 through to those I now play on my Nintendo Switch.

Breath of the Wild

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Liszt claimed to play the piano 'tolerably well'. I can't claim that.

I've spent seven years writing about Liszt. How's that for tempo rubato?

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For a long time, I read the works of Marcel Proust.

I wrote a book on Proust. Like all such books, it's really a book about myself.



On my turn I move meeples, manage inventory and roll dice.

I play boardgames, videogames and DnD. I speak nerd and think geek.

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Independent wrtiter and academic. Lisztian, Proustian, Nerd.

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